What my clients say about me

Artem is a true expert when it comes to Wordpress and WooCommerce development. In my experience, there are two types of developers. The first will simply complete the task and the other will analyze the situation and help you come up with a real solution to the problem. Artem certainly fits in the second group, we have relied on him to lead a complicated, custom development project and he has exceeded our expectations through the process. We're lucky to have found Artem and your business will certainly benefit as well!
Artemy has become a valuable resource for Lipscore, with his WordPress skills and his efficiency and accuracy. Artemy assists us with WordPress integrations and he also goes the extra mile by taking his own initiative for technical improvements in Lipscore.
I very much appreciate that he keeps me in the loop at all times, making sure that I am always updated of the progress of his work. We are happy to have Artemy on board with us.
Artemy is just a pleasure to work with. He's a well-versed and experienced developer and will always find a solution for every problem you throw at him. His estimations are on point, he's flexible and has great communication skills. We're looking forward to any future projects where we can collaborate again.
We juggle a number of WordPress sites, so it is important that timely solutions are done right, the first time. Artemy can deliver just that, which is why I go to him first. Great communication, and he knows what questions to ask.
Artemy has helped me with my WooCommerce store on a number of different projects. He has always been very thorough in assessing the project before we start. He finishes the work confidently, and swiftly. He always keeps me updated with his progress and is very efficient.
One of our projects involved a complicated domain move for a live site with active members. He gave me confidence that there would be no disruption to the service of my website and completed the move without any trouble.
I am always confident that Artemy will do a great job, and he is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Artemy.
Artemy understood my website problem, asked the right questions, and did a great job of laying out his plan for me before beginning work. When I made additional requests, he was able to problem solve and think of a different solution when his initial solution wasn't going to work anymore. He was prompt in getting the work done, quick to respond to my messages, and overall just very nice to work with. I couldn't be happier
Artemy is an expert in WooCommerce and PHP coding. Very friendly, very motivated and also sometimes worked for us in nightshifts to complete projects or important tasks.
I can definitely recommend him and his services and we are glad that we found him.
Artemy is a great developer. I was really impressed with the way he was able to understand and grasp the project brief and offer unique solutions. He is a great communicator and the project was completed on time and to a great standard. I feel like my website is very safe in Artemy's hands and will look forward to working with him in the future.

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